I think we all are… secretly… We love to sit and watch the money ladder climb as contestants carefully choose the correct answers. Do we Participate (more known as shouting at the tv screen?) – of course we do. Are we Engaged with the programme? – Absolutely!!!

Gamification is a very powerful tool when it comes to getting people focussed, motivated and participating.

We have teamed up with C3 Softworks that provide unique visually appealing games to entice audiences to take part, enjoy and engage with a competition.

At Response Crowd, we have introduced a brand new, easy to use gaming software that are fully compatible with the Turning Technologies Handsets:

Response Crowd handsets

Contact us on 0333 212 4102 or email Elizabeth… emcshane@responsecrowd.com to find out how to introduce gamification to your events to liven things up a little!!!