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Audience Response Keypads

Why Hire Voting Handsets? And why we frequently prefer them in live events…

Firstly…we love our phones, what’s not to love!… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest… Internet, Emails, Texting, Calling… we have it all at our finger tips. Result = Constant HIP (Heads in Phones!). But… and it’s a big BUT…It’s becoming increasingly a bit of a problem for Event Organisers to manage this event “dis-engagement” because of the distraction of the constant use of our phones.
Radio Frequency Voting systems or “Offline Voting Handsets” allow delegates to concentrate on Just One Thing… Voting. Their feedback is focused on them using their handsets and no phones to engage with the presenters and therefore makes them more engaged with the topic at hand.
More and more often, we are being encouraged to be “Present”, without distraction, and we can see why. We can all be guilty of diverting our attention to our phones instead of listening to what is being said to us. A lot of Time, Effort and Money goes into making the events we attend possible so let’s give the Speakers the attention they deserve and focus on them, their questions and feedback and not our phones. Choose the handset.

Can we operate the voting system ourselves?

Of course. We encourage it. And for you, it’s the least expensive option… If you have a budget for Slido, you will have a budget for what we call Dry Hire (which is operating it yourself) It is a plug and play system and really easy to use. If you know MS Powerpoint, you are 99% there.
We use a few different systems for different types of events: these are the TurningPoint system by Turning Technologies (great for CPD events and large Corporate Conferences) and the Qwizdom System (terrific for gamification within events) and C3 Softworks, again great for gamification and includes “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and “Million Pound Drop” style games.

We provide a simple 10 Step Guide to operating your audience response system, however, we also offer free online training (of the human type!) if you prefer, to walk through the software operation.

Can you operate the voting system for us?

Yes of course we can, and we have Facilitators worldwide so geography is no issue! We have attended events from Belfast to Belarus to Brazil…

It’s really a matter of, sometimes there is so much to do, its easier to let us come along and take care of the whole interactivity/engagement and audience feedback element.  We will consult with you in depth to grasp the real essence of what you are wanting to achieve by using audience interactivity and we will make recommendations on what we believe may be a good fit and advantageous for your specific event. A complete personalised audience engagement solution so to speak.

Contact us for a chat about your event requirement and we can talk through a few ideas and how to make handheld audience engagement systems an invaluable addition to your conference. Email: info@responsecrowd.com  Call:  0333 212 4102

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