We have all been to this Conference…haven’t we?

But we are polite, we attend, we listen (well, here and there anyway, in between checking our Facebook and WhatsApp to see if there is anyone out there who is going to rescue you from the slings and arrows of monotony). Please Lord, help me through this day of wall to wall presentations of talking talking talking. Sound Familiar?

Inside you are screaming…What about me!!? Does anyone want to hear my opinion? I have ideas, I have thoughts, I have a point of view… and as well as that, I can provide you with the most valuable feedback and answers to questions you would just love to ask!!!

And here’s how you can…

Involve your audience with Audience Response, Audience Engagement, Conference Interactivity, Crowd Participation… whatever you want to call it J…, include them. Involve them. Listen to them…and invest in them having their say by providing them with a platform to make their voices heard.

How often have we experienced that awkward silence in the Q&A session waiting for that confident colleague to raise their hand and ask that [valuable] question? What if we could all ask the questions we really would like to ask with anonymity?

Gone are the days of passive listening in Events. We now have an obligation to our delegates to involve them and hear what they have to say. They will vote with their feet (usually after lunch if they can get away with it!) unless they are valued enough to be heard. Introducing interactivity to an event will not only give the valuable insight into delegates thoughts and feelings, but it will also give the guidance and feedback to make informed business decisions post-event and invaluable insight for planning subsequent events.

At Response Crowd we know that one size does not fit all for Audience Response tools and Engagement solutions, that’s why we offer a broad range of interactivity solutions for events. We show you how to use the market leading systems to their best, such as Slido, TurningPoint, EventMobi…and more. Use free text entry for comments, use gamification, use multiple choice questions… use whatever you can to get people involved. You will reap the rewards by gathering the wisdom of the crowds.
Get in touch to discuss how to make the most of your next event with audience participation and interactivity systems. You will be pleasantly surprised at the cost! Tel: 0333 212 4102, emcshane@responsecrowd.com