Presentation Design & Facelift

Could your Presentation be better?

Fact: there are over 30 millions Powerpoint™ presentations delivered every day.

Most have been developed with little structure, poor content and with unimaginative design. We have all been victim of “Death by Powerpoint” in event and bombarded by the Bullet Point that we find the “lists” within slides overwhelming.

Our Powerpoint experts are nothing short of Genius in what they do with the software to produce Presentations to convey the message with dynamic animations and infographics to showcase your content and message.

The ambition is simple… the BAN THE BULLET POINT. We transform your presentational “content” into a visually beautiful tapestry to tell your picture enriched story.

Trust by Top Brands

Our Presentation Design Experts are trusted by the world’s top brands. They know how important your presentation moment is and deliver a carefully designed, polished Presentation as the end product to you. You provide the content, and we will deliver a PPT with IMPACT to you. We design from scratch or we can give you a Presentation “Facelift” if that’s a better solution for you. Have a look at some of the finished Powerpoints here (these are not videos… these are Powerpoints on Redbull!)

Presentation Facelift

Time is limited a lot of the time and we understand that.  Let us take your existing Powerpoint and upgrade it with improved rich animations and visuals. 

Specifications For a PowerPoint Presentation Facelift

  1. Typography & Fonts– We recommend the use of the same font set throughout the entire slide presentation, and use no more than two complementary fonts (e.g., Arial and Arial Bold)
  2. Imagery and Media– We use high-quality graphics including photographs. We avoid using Clip Art or other cartoonish line art unless to be used for info graphics. We use video and audio when appropriate.
  3. Graphs, Charts & Tables– Presenters are usually guilty of including too much data in their on-screen charts. We use our skill to minimise the data whilst maximising the message.
  4. Animations and Timings– We use object builds and slide transitions judiciously. Some animation is a good thing, but we stick to the most subtle and professional (similar to what you might see on TV). We create object oriented animations which when added to our template designs results in PowerPoint® slides which do not look like PowerPoint® slides. If your audience is engaged and listening to your message we know our visual effects are doing their job.

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