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Why Slido?

We pride ourselves in Partnering with the best event technology providers in the industry… and for a simple web-based solution where delegates use their own device, we choose Slido as the front runner!  Slido is a Q&A and Polling audience interaction platform for events and conferences.

It has many invaluable features to engage audiences and allow delegates to become active participants instead of passive listeners within the event.  We would cherry-pick the following as the “must-haves” for any event and the benefits to you as the event holder.

Why choose us to operate Slido?

Slido is a very powerful interactivity tool and while very simple to use, it’s like anything… its easy if you know how.  For example, our TV remote is incredibly easy to use, of that there is no doubt.  But… sometimes we might still prefer someone else to change the colour settings on said TV because of our inherent FOFIU (Fear of Faffing It Up!;)

Our Slido experts are working with this award winning platform every day.  We know the best ways it can be used.  We have great innovative ways in which it can be used and we provide our consultation on how to make the most out of the platform during your event to ensure your feedback and engagement objectives are met and exceeded.

Can I operate Slido myself?

Absolutely! It’s simple and intuitive to use, however, at Response Crowd we understand completely that as Events Mangers and Organisers, it is one more thing to do and think about and therefore that is why we provide a comprehensive Slido Operator or Slido Facilitation service to take the problem of Resource off your shoulders.

Do I need to buy a Slido Licence?

No. Our comprehensive and personalised Slido Facilitation provides a discounted Slido Licence included within the price.  Call or email us (or fillin our enquiry form online) to get a free, no obligation quote for your next event.  You will be surprised to know that services for a Slido Facilitated event up to 1000 delegates start at just £495! Email:  Call:  0333 212 4102

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