At Response Crowd we only work with the best Audience Engagement Technology providers in the market. We pride ourselves in taking the time to cherry pick the latest and most reliable event tech and maximizing the functionality to the very limits to enhance and engage any conference or event to align with your objectives

Turning Point Audience Response System

The TurningPoint® system by Turning Technologies LLC always stands head and shoulders above the rest with its robust yet simple audience response solutions. Operation on Radio Frequency technology eliminates all the faff around logging into WiFi with session codes and event apps and takes us right back to the essence of audience engagement by keeping audiences focused (and away from their phones!!) on the questions at hand. The new QT and QT2 handsets by Turning bring the much added value of text entry into the mix which proves invaluable for Q&A sessions with the ultimate data security complying fully with GDPR.
Handset solutions include the simple 5 button LT, the 10 button standard RF handset and they do offer a mobile based version as well for those who want to use their phones instead of handheld devices.

Their polling software is fully integrated within Powerpoint and very intuitive and easy to use. Questions are easily programmed within a Powerpoint presentation and results are shown instantly in real-time. Reports are generated post event saving all data for analysis purposes.

Turning Point Audience Response System

Why use the Turning Point®Audience Response System?

· Interaction and engagement with a two way conversation
· Create a memorable presentation
· Instant feedback to gauge audience understanding
· Find out what audience knows or doesn’t know relating to your topic
· Dynamically change programme content through immediate feedback
· Conduct instant surveys and evaluation
· Fully integrated with Powerpoint or sits over any other Presentation Application (e.g. Prezi)
· Inclusive – allows all participants to voice opinions freely and anonymously
· Paper surveys become obsolete
· Free online or one-to-one training
· Low cost option

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